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Dear you, welcome to here. I am Erika Morrison, also known as The Life Artist; the name and quality of my innermost aliveness. It’s who I am.

With this aliveness, I work as a spiritual director, retreat leader, yoga instructor, author, poet and painter. It’s what I do.

Within the dynamism of who I am and what I do, a distinctive characteristic consistently emerges. I make things grow through the unification of realms.

Whether I’m throwing paint on canvas or holding space for someone’s soul journey, a revelation of the sacred alchemy between these stratums of existence—physical and spiritual, material and energetic—awakens and rises. The real purpose of the cosmos is fulfilled when we dance between these hemispheres; when we hone our ability to see the Divine lying coiled within the physical form of all things and hear the heartbeat of our native Oneness.

I make home in the Yale University town of New Haven, CT, with my husband of 18 years and our three teenage sons, a female pit bull named Zeppelin and a feline who goes by Boofus, Boof, Boo, Loofer, Lou, Larry or Louix.

However you came to be here, I’m both grateful and glad. Please peruse my services page for ways I can support you on your personal pilgrimage.




Image: Rachel Liu