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in response to the vegas shooting

(Originally published on Oct. 7, 2017) 

i am the wife under the body of her dead husband

i am the husband who threw himself down and took bullets in his back

i am the child without mother or father

i am the father who grieves a son

i am the mother with vacant arms, broken

i am the newlywed suddenly without a soul mate

i am the now empty chair at every kitchen table

i am the best friend with half a heart

i am the stranger saved by an unknown hero

i am the hero who considered it nothing to lose his earthly existence

i am the survivor with a lifetime of nightmares to come

i am a nurse, a teacher, a single mother and motherless children

i am an officer, an actor, an attorney, a college student, and a coach

i am a banker, a fisherman, a personal trainer and homemaker

i am myself with 59 holes in my body

i am the killer no one truly knew

i am myself with 60 holes in my body

may we all be dead 60 times over, and wailing times thousands

may we all look in the mirror to see how we’ve lost ourselves

and may we all take on the power structure of gun companies and lobbyists who are sick with their love of money and misguided agendas.

may we call them back to ourselves; tell them a hundred different ways how their work and unholy desires perpetuates pain in our Body.

may we call on the senators who can’t put themselves in someone else’s shoes and show them through sound and persistence how their negligence and blindness is breaking us.


Erika Morrison