Spiritual Direction: 

Can you imagine a life that integrates the highest spiritual attainment with a fully lived human existence? Where spiritual and physical dimensions are seen and lived from as one place? That rhythm, innate to ourselves and nature, may have gotten lost amidst the din of society’s cacophony or from the real exhaustion of paying rent to this planet. Caught up in commotion and fatigue, many of us no longer hear the signals of transcendence or the voice of Spirit. 

Spiritual direction is built on the axiom that [comm]union with the self-revealing Divine is our most essential and available relationship. As your Spiritual Director, I would midwife your spiritual evolution by helping you fine-attune to the Divine, while honoring whoever you are, wherever you’re at, and whatever your doctrine is--or isn’t. Together, we'd lean into the "Most Subtle State of Everything"; listening attentively to the scope, texture and tremors of the sacred bursting forth from the lived experience. 

Together, we’d meet once a month for an hour, either in person or via voice/video call for long distance clients. By offering guidance and inquiry, my training in spiritual direction will help you cultivate a more intimate and synergistic friendship with the Divine; allowing you to hone into the sounds of Spirit speaking through your life. 

Freelance Creative Writing: 

Creative writing is one of my handiest skills and longest held passions. Throughout my professional career I’ve had the opportunity to publish a book with Harper Collins, write blog posts for non-profits and online magazines, and create content for various businesses’ social media needs. If your interested in working together, click HERE to see writing samples, then hop over to my “Connect” page to get a conversation started!

Whole-Body Private Yoga Instruction: 

There are a lot of reasons why people come to the private yoga platform, from developing confidence for a group setting to learning injury modifications to diving deeper into specific postures or exploring the nuances of breathwork and beyond. Whatever your desires may be, I will design a therapeutic whole-body mindful movement practice according to your exact needs (health, body limitations, lifestyle, time, etc), with options to include spiritual direction, aromatherapy, hands-on assistance and Reiki. Regardless of specification, key elements to each created practice will involve an emphasis on uniting and healing the whole self; body, breath, mind, soul and spirit. 


Contact me via my "Connect" page if you'd like to engage with any of my services. 


Image: Rachel Liu